Cyclist Sponsorships - Christian Vissie van Zyl

From 5th to 7th December 2019 I will be participating in the uBhejaneX Xtreme MTB Rhino Ride Challenge covering 370km over 3 days. I feel it is my duty to try and help save our rhino by taking part in this ride and raise funds to assist self-funded organizations like Project Rhino and Helping Rhino in their endeavours to eradicate poaching and to aid in rhino protection and conservation. By taking part in this ride it is my way of contributing towards anti-poaching initiatives as well as pursuing my love of mountain biking.

To help Christian Vissie van Zyl to help save the Rhinos, simply open the Zapper App on your phone, scan the code below, enter the amount you wish to donate and pay.

Please enter Christian Vissie van Zyl on the Zapper as reference for rider and your name as sponsor when paying.