Cyclist Sponsorships - Wayne Gimingham

Hi my name is Wayne Gimingham. So for the past 5 years i haven ridden for Rhinos and will be doing it again this year for the conservation of these Majestic animals. I am self-funded and i am part of a group that raises funds for “Project Rhino” Many people hear the stories about the gruesome killing of these animals which often leads to baby’s being Orphaned , get angry for a moment and hope someone will step in and help. I’ve decided to be that someone. The Rhino Project needs funds if they are going to save these magnificent creatures from being hunted to extinction. You can help them by making a donation towards my challenge to reach my goal of R6000, any amount will be gratefully accepted. All the money raised goes solely to help save our Rhinos, tax certificates issued on request. Thank you in advance.

To help Wayne Gimingham to help save the Rhinos, simply open the Zapper App on your phone, scan the code below, enter the amount you wish to donate and pay.

Please enter Wayne Gimingham on the Zapper as reference for rider and your name as sponsor when paying.