Cyclist Sponsorships - Colin McLaren

Sometimes in life we need to do things because our heart tells us it’s the right thing to do. I have decide to take on the 250km UbhejaneX MTB Challenge for two reasons. Firstly it is for an amazing cause, Project Rhino. ALL money raised goes towards saving these beautiful animals. Riders pay their own way to be able to enter this challenge to be able to help raise money to save the Rhino. Secondly, and the reason I decided to take on this challenge, is to do it for a friend who had set his heart on this event and trained very hard for it, only to be told he couldn’t do it for health reasons. I have taken over his challenge to raise money and am asking all of you to help contribute towards this great cause. PLEASE back me and help me to raise as much money as we can for this great cause.

To help Colin McLaren to help save the Rhinos, simply open the Zapper App on your phone, scan the code below, enter the amount you wish to donate and pay.

Please enter Colin McLaren on the Zapper as reference for rider and your name as sponsor when paying.