Cyclist Sponsorships - Colin McLaren

My name is Colin McLaren. I have recently got involved with a fantastic bunch of MTB riders who once a year get together to raise money for ‘Project Rhino’ Every year, these guys and girls get together and ride from Ballitto to Hluhluwe, non stop, on mountain bikes, to raise money to save the Rhinos. In order to participate in this event, each rider needs to raise a min of R5000-00. The goal is to raise as much money as possible which will all go to ‘Project Rhino’ I think most of us take our wildlife for granted and are unaware of just how threatened certain species are. We're hoping to make people more aware of just how endangered these Rhinos are in order to save them from extinction. The costs involved in this project are huge. I’m asking everybody out there who knows meto please contribute towards this cause, no matter what the amount. “LETS CARE ENOUGH TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE”

To help Colin McLaren to help save the Rhinos, simply open the Zapper App on your phone, scan the code below, enter the amount you wish to donate and pay.

Please enter Colin McLaren on the Zapper as reference for rider and your name as sponsor when paying.